Bridging Loans – get it now!

Bridging Loans – get it now! We specialise in providing fast online access to Bridging-Loan finance on commercial properties in the UK.
Our lenders have no maximum limit for Bridging Loans, so a substantial amount is available if needed. Our lenders will usually allow Bridging Loans of up to 80% of the value of the property.
The amount is borrowed for a period from a week to a year. The maximum term for a Bridging Loan is generally 12 months and no repayment is required until the loan term has expired or the loan is refinanced. There is, in certain circumstances, the flexible facility of extending the loan period if necessary for some clients. Short term Bridging loans are quick to arrange and are repayable either in a lump sum payment of principal or monthly instalments.
A Bridging Loan is available as a stand alone product or is available in conjunction with a mortgage.
Being self employed or having an adverse credit history or CCJs need not be a problem. A Bridging Loan can even enable people who have an adverse credit history to build a track record before applying for a conventional mortgage. A successful Bridging Loan can have a positive effect on a borrower’s credit score making future finance more attainable.
We can guide you to your financial solution if you require bridging finance quickly in order to secure the property of your choice, and only need funds for a limited period of time. Our financial experts will help you through the application process to achieve your property needs in the most behalf.
And now you know how it works!

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What is a Mortgage Certificate?

What is a Mortgage Certificate? A Mortgage Certificate is a document provided by a Mortgage Intermediary or Lender, that gives an indication of the maximum amount a borrower can borrow by way of Mortgage Facilities. It is most widely used by people who are thinking about moving home or buying new property. The House Hunters Personal and Financial circumstances are taken into account and then applied to a standard Lending criteria. The Standard Mortgage Certificate is not issued with any one Lender in mind – but issued after taking into account average Lending criteria across the Mortgage Industry. Continue reading

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International mortgage loan – how to?

International mortgage loan or better say international mortgage financing is not so tough to get as you might think. Many loan companies are able to source both commercial and residential mortgages in foreign countries, either directly, or through specialist local packagers. These special financial products are usually sourced “in-country” from premier lending sources such as High Street Banks and world-renowned instituions. Continue reading

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